I have a handful of comics already scheduled for display starting Monday, 10-26-2009, and I’m continuing to make more and hope to stay ahead of the update schedule with a decent buffer.

I have redesigned the site and continue to do so in preparation for the site’s official launch.

While comics will be popping up on the MWF schedule, I don’t intend to fully promote the site until there’s several weeks of strips posted and viewable in the archives.

People who would visit the site before such a date will just be that much cooler individuals~! and will be receiving a preview screening in essence!!!

I’m really excited about this webcomic and I’ve done a lot of homework on prepping for it.

Phil (Frumph) needs to get a gigantic thank you for his efforts in helping me figure out the software end of webcomic hosting, let alone his work on coding ComicPress and implementing features that I mentioned to him or down right asked for~!

Beyond that, I need to thank anyone who has visited the site since I purchased the hosting a couple months ago when I first thought of doing a webcomic. It took me a while to get comfortable with running my own website, creating the design, and changing things around for aesthetics and usability… But, after doing several versions of the site to date, I think I’ve finally landed on something that fits the comic and is something almost anyone can maneuver through.

So, yeah… comics begin their Monday – Wednesday – Friday update schedule the last week in October. That means in future years the Halloween season is doubly important for Zombie Roomie since the Horror Comedy nature of the strip lends itself to the holiday AND it will be an anniversary.

Thank you,