Today marks the start of Zombie Roomie’s comic update schedule.

I’ve had the idea of starting a webcomic since the end of June and I’ve finally began…

Phil, Frumph, from Webcomic Planet has helped me with various code problems I’ve had in the installation and setup of the ComicPress theme for this site… so, I need to say thanks. Thanks Phil.

My buddy, Bill, has helped with the writing of a number of upcoming strips and has been there when I needed to bounce something off of him…. Thanks Bill.

Then there’s my family who has put up with me while I’ve been researching webcomics and planning this one…. Thank you Mom, Dad, and Maegan.

And an enormous thank you to any and everyone who has taken the time to visit this site since I’ve purchased the hosting and gone from to a more specific title/url for the comic…. Thank you!

I’ve had so much fun in meeting various people who also make webcomics, chatting with them over on WCP, following their tweets, etc.

I’m hoping you stick around and get to meet the characters I’ve created for Zombie Roomie and occasionally laugh or just have a good time.

Thank you, again.