Corey over at The Midnight Podcast discussed Zombie Roomie on his podcast episode that just came out today, #160. He calls it a “Fun online zombie comic strip”.

At the 45:45 mark of the episode he says:

… and another thing I wanted to mention, was another zombie comic series that just came online and it’s free. You can go read it on the web. It’s more like a comic strip. It’s an on-going story and it’s funny and the artwork is very comic-ish… it’s really cool.  But, it’s called “Zombie Roomie” and it’s kinda like an Odd Couple kinda thing.  There’s a guy and his roommate is a zombie and so you’re seeing that conflict there. It’s a lot of fun so you should go check it out at

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I’m incredibly flattered that Corey took to the time to read my comic let alone mention it on his awesome podcast.  I’ve been listening to The Midnight Podcast for a few months and it’s one of if not the best podcasts that I subscribe to.  The production quality is top notch, he has great guests and interviews along with his great news and discussion regarding all things zombie.

Thank you Corey… really thank you for all you do in addition to taking the time to talk about Zombie Roomie.