As I’m nearing the new year and passing two months of using my current site design for Zombie Roomie I want to try something else.

I want to move away from the newspaper look and just do something clean and crisp looking for the site design.

Something that allows for more content to be move higher on the page, or to say it another way, Above the Fold.

I’ve been working on a design that I really like and the folks that I’ve shown it to also seem to dig.

The new design takes advantage of the new version of ComicPress, 2.9, as I have been a beta tester for the devs on it. That’s another reason I haven’t pushed the redesign live yet… I want to wait until 2.9 is live as well.

But, all in all… I’m pretty excited for the new site design and I hope that everyone else will like it too.

Look for it within the next two weeks.