Hey folks, or people I will refer to as the Siege from now on…

I’ve been working on several things here at Zombie Roomie.

First of all, I’ve been working on the art for the comic. I’ve been getting better at drawing the characters to where they’re a bit more cartoony and I’ve been playing with shading and various background techniques that I believe help make the comic look better than it did when I started back in October.

I’ve talked my friend Bill into effectively becoming a co-writer for the strip. He’s written several strips already and I often send him copies of scripts before I finish them for him to give it a once over. He has been super helpful in punching up the strips and his help has directly allowed me to work harder on the art. i.e.: I don’t have to worry about doing all the heavy lifting on making the joke/strip funny I can put more time into working on the look of the comic.

Together Bill and I plan to do a weekly podcast that we’re tentatively calling Zombie Roomie: Commentary Track. We’ll discuss the prior week’s strips and what went into creating them both from the writing and artistic sides. I’ll talk about any issues I came across when producing the comic and what not. Then we’ll finish up the time with random chatter about whatever we feel like talking about. We’ve gotta figure out when we’ll record them and I’ve got to test out some editing and what not. They’ll go up on the site on a non-comic day, so either Tuesday or Thursday. I’m hopeful to have the first one ready by March.

Very soon the Zombie Roomie forum will open up. There you can discuss all manner of things with other members of the siege. I’m looking forward to it because there’s often stuff I’d like to post over here, but I end up thinking it doesn’t warrant an actual blog post. So, woo… or something.

This is all super cool stuff that I’m excited about that I’ve wanted to put in place alongside the recent site redesign.

AND there’s still more that I want to do in adding features to Zombie Roomie that I have yet to figure out when to pencil in on the todo list, but, I have them in my periphery.

Stay tuned and thank you for reading Zombie Roomie.
John Wigger