It’s been mentioned a few times in various places on the site and on my twitter account that we’re doing a podcast shortly.

I had an idea that would give us rotating intro pieces to use for each episode and allow various people to plug their project. Whether you do another webcomic, a blog, a web series,  a podcast, etc. you could plug your site/link while giving us an introduction to play over our theme song for the start of the episodes.

Here’s the basic format. Our intro theme is only thirty seconds so that’s effectively the upper limit on time you’d have to work with but, this is the information that needs to be gotten across.

Hi, this is “insert your name here” from “insert your project’s name” at “insert your preferred URL” and you’re listening to Zombie Roomie’s Commentary Track… and now to your hosts, John Wigger and Bill Mofield.

I’ve got an example you can hear if you’re interested. It’s just over ten seconds long and has all the basic information in it plus I plug Zombie Roomie and

Listen to the example intro

We’ll not only use your introduction so anyone listening to the episode will here your plug, but your information will be in the show notes including a hyper link back to your url.

Just e-mail the file and I’ll put it into rotation or if you’re not hip to recording your own intro, but, you are interested we can probably get it recorded for you as long as you have Skype setup and you contact me with a time that’s convenient for you to set up a call to record.