I’ve created a new account linked via the returned “f” image link next to the calendar.

I had not heard back from the powers that be about my banned account, so I made a new one.


My facebook account was hacked.

I was alerted to the fact that there was someone in my facebook account sending out chat messages that they were stuck in London after being mugged and needed financial assistance to pay bills and get home.

I logged in and changed my password, but, someone reported the activity and my account has been disabled.

I’ve submitted the appeal, but, I’ve heard of this attack from various other people, so there is likely a high volume of occurrences and possibly a long wait time.

So, if you’ve been wondering why you can’t get to my facebook page, I didn’t block you or anything wacky… I did not delete my page or anything on my end… it was facebook.

If I can’t get my account reactivated I’ll make a new one, but, I’m holding out hope that it gets taken care of for me.

This is also why the facebook “f” link is missing from next to the calendar.

Just an update in case anyone was wondering where I went on facebook.