I’d like to take a moment to talk to you about Idaho. It’s a widely disregarded state, far up in the wild Northwest. It’s rugged, rocky, rainy, and its inhabitants go by the unusual handle of Idahoans. It’s also home to some of the most fiercely loyal members of The Siege, and it‘s high time the noble people of Idaho were celebrated for something other than potatoes.

And so, steadfast Idahoans, I salute your devotion (and good taste). I don’t think I’ve ever before had reason to use the word “peeps” (other than in reference to the delicious animal shaped confections made from marshmallow and sugar), but the good folks in Idaho have finally given me the opportunity. Thanks to your dedication and patronage, I’m can now, unabashedly, refer to you as “my peeps.”

On behalf of the Zombie Roomie team, I’d like to thank you for visiting the site. We hope it’s given you some chuckles, and we vow to do our best to keep you coming back. Esto Perpetua.