Updated Update: Well, there are three wallpaper designs that have risen to the top, hopefully they’ll be something lots of folks are interested in.

Star Trek vs. Star Wars, Glenda Pinup, and George and Zoey in a goth/girly style.

Thanks to everyone who voted and I’ll keep folks up on sketches and the sort for the wallpapers over the next few weeks.

Update: This poll will run until Friday when I see which are the clear winners and I’ll start work on wallpapering it up.

I’m planning on offering desktop wallpapers in the near future and I wanted to see what people would most be interested in as subject material for said wallpapers.

The plan is to do some wallpapers based on elements that have occurred in the story of Zombie Roomie to date, or at least based on actual stuff from the comic for the first wallpapers that’ll be done. So, I’ve gone through the archives and picked a handful of things that I felt could be done as a wallpaper design.

What I need from you guys is for you to pick which of the listed options that you’d most like to see/ possibly have on your desktop with your recycle bins and what not.

So, please take a minute to answer the poll above and I’ll get started with some wallpaper-ing.