I’ve been doing a lot of work to integrate various Facebook related things to Zombie Roomie.

Like it or not, Facebook is pretty much every where and I wanted to incorporate as much as I can into Zombie Roomie’s site without making it a pain in the ass for folks who don’t use the service.

I’ve been pimping the Zombie Roomie Facebook Page for just over a week now. It’s located here if you haven’t come across one of the many times I’ve mentioned in the the past. I post comic news to the page, guest strips/fan art, and even the sketches from the comics themselves. It’s a happening place to be.

In addition to the Zombie Roomie Facebook Page, you can now comment on any post that has comments still open on it via your Facebook account. That way you don’t have to sign up for a gravatar or input your e-mail address to leave comments on the site. I wanted to have this feature back when I started the comic, but I wasn’t happy with the results I was able to achieve back in the day. Facebook has helped out a bunch and new plugins through WordPress have made it work like I wanted back in October.

So, to sum up, join the siege over on the Facebook Page and for your convenience you can now comment via your own Facebook account.