Apparently the St. Louis area is pretty rampant with webcomic creators… at least enough so to warrant having a hub site for news and information relating to the area’s scene. I’ve been included in the group and upon my inclusion I was asked to answer questions for an interview… said answers appear in this post:

Creator Interview with John Wigger of Zombie Roomie

John Wigger is the Creator of Zombie Roomie.

1)What is the basis of your webcomic and what insired it?

The pitch: Zombie Roomie is a zombie comedy webcomic. John was looking for someone to split the cost of rent but got more than he bargained for when George, a zombie, became his roommate. The explanation: Zombie Roomie is a comic about an odd couple pairing where your average dorky guy lives with your not so average zombie. The two have their “cultural” differences and we see how those effect their daily lives and un-lives throughout the course of the three day a week comic.

2)Who is your favorite artist or arists?

Lar deSouza from Least I could do and Looking for Group (LICD/ LFG). Scott Kurtz from Player versus Player (PvP). Mike Krahulik from Penny Arcade

3)Why do you do what you do?

I’ve always been the “art guy” and involved in comics in some fashion whether it be just collecting floppies or drawing comic characters. Rather than spending all day playing World of Warcraft I wanted to do something productive and I decided upon doing a webcomic. Now I spend the majority of my free time thinking about or working on my comic. It’s quickly become something I have to do.

4)What tools do you use in your process to create your webcomic?

I use Photoshop CS4 and a Wacom Bamboo Fun pen tablet. When I started the comic last October, I was drawing the strips on paper and scanning them into Photoshop then doing the compositing/coloring. Since the end of December, I’ve moved to doing it all digitally.

5)What are your 5 favorite webcomics(other than your own and anything local)?

PvPLeast I could doPenny ArcadeChainsawsuitEvil Inc. From the area, the only strip that is in my bookmarks that gets checked every update would be Edmund Finney’s Quest to find the Meaning of Life by Dan Long. Dan and I have spoken on the phone, via twitter and e-mail a few times and he’s a good guy. I’ve even placed a reference to his comic in one of my strips, In an early strip of his, Edmund is swallowed by a whale and there is a Starbucks located within… In the comic I did, John and George are swallowed by a whale and amongst the flotsam they find a coffee cup with the name Edmund written on the “don’t burn your hand thingy”.