I just wanted to let people know that I’ve decided to pull back a little on the self censoring that I have done in the past.

You may have noticed that John and George have both said the word “shit” or “shittiest” recently. Up until now I’ve really tried to keep the comic fairly clean. But I cuss up a storm in real life and while I don’t currently want to drop the F-bomb in the comic… I don’t have the same reservations to lesser swear words.

In addition, I’ve been thinking of showing some actual zombie violence instead of having all of George’s attacks happens off-screen.

These changes are things I’ve thought about for a while and wanted to hold off on doing something drastic until after the World Tour as I wanted that storyline to end in the same style as it started.

I’m not doing these changes for shock or titillation or what have you… I just think that they’re natural progressions for the comic. I’m not doing Penny Arcade or a sex comic, I’m doing a comic about a guy who lives with a Zombie and sometimes you just gotta say shit in that situation.

Plus, I think I’ve skirted around George actually biting someone “on screen” to the point that it’s getting goofy that it hasn’t happened yet.

Just wanted to let people know that I haven’t fallen asleep at the censor… and that I’m doing these changes consciously. Thanks for reading.