A year ago I started posting comics to www.zombieroomie.com and it was my first real attempt at doing something like this.

I thought I knew what I was doing, but over the course of doing the comic so far I’ve found out that I only understood very little of what to expect in doing a comic.

Before I decided to start drawing a comic strip, I hadn’t regularly drawn for almost three years. After college, I didn’t really work on anything creative. I was in a funk.

So, I made it a mission to do something expressive and creative with my time. That’s the idea behind starting Zombie Roomie. It’s still a project that I love to do. Realistically, I make so little money off of this that it’s obvious I’m not doing it for the cash. Though, I’d probably be okay if folks wanted to donate some cash to me, I’m just saying. Heh.

I’ve gotten much more comfortable working in a cartoony style. I’ve changed my tools around from drawing on paper and scanning to doing it all within Photoshop using a Wacom tablet. During the course of working 100% I’ve changed up brushes and styles of how to approach things to get a better “look” to the comic.

The website was originally based off of a newspaper style look, after a few months I changed it to this red dealy… I still would like to change the site to something new, but I’ve had some struggles getting it just “right”. I know lots of people like the current red look, so I’m not in a desperate panic to change it… but, it’s still something I think about.

I think Zombie Roomie of today is a better comic than it was a year ago. I can’t wait to see Zombie Roomie a year from now.

To celebrate the one year anniversary, I was on A Little Dead Podcast last week and will be on TGT Webcomics this weekend.

My interview with A Little Dead Podcast is located here.