I’m currently planning the comic updates for the rest of 2010…

Originally, I was going to have George and Santa throw down again… but, I’m not sure if that needs to be a yearly occurrence… if I’m wrong let me know… also if you think I’d be better suited letting that go for at least another year… voice your opinion.

If there’s someone you want to see featured in a comic that I haven’t done a comic with recently or if there’s someone you just want to see more of… leave a comment for me and I’ll do my best to work them in.

We’ve seen the first call back to the World Tour in the Minotaur showing up… was there somebody you saw during that storyline that you’d like to see show back up? I’m not sure everyone has another strip in them, but I’d like to see what you guys would be interested in.

I have my ideas of where I want the comic to go, but I do want to make sure that I’m giving the supporting cast their fair shake and that you, the readers, are seeing strips with the cast members you want to see… not just folks I’m shoving down your throats.