Are you bored and have some time on your hands? Why not transcribe some Zombie Roomie comics? There’s a link on every comic page now for it.

I want to make the site easier to search. You know how you might remember a phrase or something from a comic but you don’t remember when it happened or what the particular comic was called? Yeah, that’s a total bummer…

To help make the site more user friendly… I’ve setup the transcription and search feature provided by OhNoRobot. Each comic page has a link to transcribe that comic on the left hand side above the calendar. If I have already accepted a transcription for an individual comic that I think is fine, there wont be a link anymore… if I’d like some additional work on a transcription the link will be changed to improve this transcription.

So, if you want to help out, go through the archive and pick some comics to write out who says what… if you’re really into it you can describe what’s happening but that’s totally optional.

Press return after each line of dialogue, and leave a blank line after each panel.
Format dialogue like Character’s name: What are the haps?
You don’t have to add “PANEL 1:” labels.

You can use these optional tags to add more to the transcription:
[[Scene description]] • <<Sound effect>> • {{Meta-comic information}}