Pardon the mess as Zombie Roomie goes through a little overhaul.

I’m slowly updating the images around the site to bring a fresh look to

It’ll be a while before it’s 100%, but in the end… I think it’ll be snazzy.

I know that there is a portion of Zombie Roomie’s readership that preferred the old look of the site and logo. I liked them too for a while… but, in the end, the logo just didn’t “feel” like it belonged to Zombie Roomie anymore. I created it when I was first doing the website… I didn’t know the characters and the tone of the comic like I do now.

Also, every single zombie comic out there that uses a font based logo seems to use the same font I used to use for the word “zombie”. I thought it was neat and it had the zombie feel to it for the logo… it’s just that George isn’t your average zombie… and a site and logo for a comic about him can’t be something that is interchangeable and would essentially work for your average zombie comic.

That said, the new logo is much more in keeping with the tone of Zombie Roomie. I like it and I’m sorry if you don’t. There are other zombie comics out there… I just hope that the work I do and the comics I put out keep you coming back to Zombie Roomie. John and George will be here, new logo/ site and all.

PS: The massive white off to the sides isn’t final. That’s just a placeholder for a background that I haven’t finished yet.