This last Saturday I moved to a different web host.

For most people everything was just fine, but for others… they didn’t see any new posts from when I moved the site on.

This was quite troubling.

I contacted tech support for my domain name and the guy who ran the new host was trying to fix it as well.

After some time and thought, I decided to just move back to the old host. Some folks will recall various issues I had with the old host, but I think I’ve had them all resolved and I don’t really have any problem continuing with keeping Zombie Roomie where it is…

especially if people can actually see the comics I put up.

I don’t hold the guy who runs the other host responsible… I just wanted to make sure I had the ability to fix the situation for any of you who was affected by the glitch and didn’t see new comics on Monday or Wednesday.

So, you might be thinking to yourself “The website looks totally different” and you’d be right. I started a brand new and right now it’s really white. I’m just trying to make sure that everything works and people can go through and read the comics. Eventually when I have the site’s functions and what not all in order I’ll make sure to have the site look a little more appealing to the eyeballs.

I hope anyone who didn’t see new comics on Monday and/or Wednesday didn’t decide Zombie Roomie wasn’t worth their time and I want to thank everyone who stuck through any headaches trying to get to see the adventures of a blue zombie.