I wanted to take a break from any real story arc driven stuff, but not go too far off topic…

So, we get another Zombie-man strip.

Yeah, we’ve seen George has already eaten the generic robber guy at least once before, but I figure that it’s like the random red shirt guys who you never saw before in an episode of the original series… It doesn’t matter when you’re just a minion I can use the same guy for the role even if one has died.

Or, they’re all identical twins who all ended up leading a life of petty crime.

Either/or… generic robber guy is a fun design and people know all they need to about him at a glance.

That being said, I do need to come up with designs for actual super villains for Zombie-man to fight… not foils for George as I have that in the works already, I’m just not ready to have them “throw down” yet. No, I mean costumed bad guys that you’d see in the likes of Mystery Men or The Tick. I have a few ideas and I have talked about it on a podcast or two in the past when I was interviewed… I just haven’t figured out how they should look in the current comic style or how to introduce them. But, I don’t do Zombie-man strips all the time… so, I have some time to figure it out.