If you follow me on Twitter or are on the Facebook page for Zombie Roomie, you probably have heard that I moved hosting for zombieroomie.com.

First of, I’m super happy with the change.

Zombie Roomie had been hosted on GoDaddy servers, but even though they promised things like Grid hosting to spread the load across multiple servers to keep downtime to a minimum… I had been noticing the site constantly being down when I’d check. This last week was the straw that broke this camel’s back. I had thought about moving to hostgator as I’ve heard good things about their WordPress server speeds… but as I was working on moving the site Frumph and I discussed his new hosting opportunity.

Some of you might know that Frumph is the designer behind ComicPress nowadays, so having a server hosted by the guy who writes the software that makes the Zombie Roomie site work… well, it just made sense to host with him.

The random site outages that I was experiencing with GoDaddy are gone. There were a few hiccups this weekend, but Frumph was there to beat them into submission.

The site is running incredibly faster than it has… in probably ever. Frumph and I also spent Friday night working on speeding up how the site loads up, namely having the ads load after the content. This has the effect of having the comic load up very fast and then as they’re available the ads fill their predefined spots.

It’s such a noticeable change, at least for me, that I’ve gone through the archives at least five times. Just clicking on the comic to go to the next one as soon as the current one has loaded… it’s pretty fast. Zoom, zoom, zoom. Try it, it’s fun.

The slow ad loading and how it would cause the site to load in fits caused me to change the look of the site to this current white/grey minimalist looking design… With the ads loading after the content, the site wont halt in places and stop loading at times before the text below the comic… This will allow me to create a site that has more substance to it again where I wont have to try to hide the loading like I did with this current look. So, I have started thinking of designs again and will change zombieroomie.com around in the coming months. Don’t worry, it’ll be cool.