I’ve been pretty stoked lately. We hit our 300 strip milestone, then our two year anniversary, and soon after a major milestone with the number of readers of Zombie Roomie. The traffic to the site has been really good in the last two weeks so I wanted to give you guys a thank you. So here’s some wallpapers folks!

I had this piece of art laying around and I decided it should be used for something. It was designed for horizontal ads to be used in my fast/slow/dorky ad campaign, but I never settled on a layout that it worked for.

I decided to make it a simple character image suitable for wallpaper.

click for larger version

It’ll be a while before George goes back to this shirt, since he’s getting his cold weather costume change the next time he’s seen in the comic, so it’s a collector’s item. Get it while it’s hot~!

In addition to that wallpaper, I’m opening up the vault to include the Civil War updated wallpaper that was originally a donation incentive.

click for larger version

This was based on the comic “Rise Again”, but the character designs, style, and costumes were updated to a flashier look.