I’m doing a week of Zombie-man and Zombie-man related strips.

I’ve had the idea for these for a while, including at least one of them since I came up with the idea that George would be moonlighting as a superhero.

I think this is only the second time I’ve drawn Zoey from head to toe in a comic, the first being back in the double date arc. The standard layout I go with doesn’t always lend itself to me having the characters’ entire bodies in the panel, but when I do it I tend to like it… I should probably remember that and try to do it more often.

The fact that George was so gung-ho about having his on Zombie-man signal that he installed it on top of the apartment building instead of having the police place it above city hall or something is the kind of thing that just makes me giggle. I also love the idea that Zoey let him do it and would just point it out to let him know he made a mistake… too bad she might not be able to enjoy the fact too much longer.

To be continued on Wednesday…