I realized I hadn’t planned for a Thanksgiving related strip with the Zombie-man related stuff I did this week… so I whipped up a late night snack based strip with John.

Eating non turkey based meats has been a pretty consistent theme for the Zombie Roomie Thanksgiving related strips.

Last year’s was a twist of language…

The first year’s strips were based on cooking people and kid’s hand turkeys.

Since ZR comes out on a MWF update schedule a comic lands on Black Friday… Last year I had the guys encounter Jamal in one of his many protests.

I’ve got the Zombie-man wrap up strip, originally planned for today, coming on Monday… then I’ve got a story arc planned that will introduce two to three new female monster characters to the supporting cast. It’s some stuff that I’ve been planning for months that I hope turns out as successful as the John/Valerie arc from the first part of 2011. I think it’ll be neat.