And we’re back!

We’re picking right up from where we left off with the after Xmas story. I’ve been asked if I was going to finish this arc or just start a new one… To be fair I had to ask myself that question too.

In the end, I decided that the stuff I had planned for the climax of this fight and the resolution was too important to shelve and to finish the arc as I had planned.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot… ZOMBIE ROOMIE IS FIVE DAYS A WEEK NOW!

I’ve been wanting to move to a Monday through Friday schedule for a while, but I haven’t pulled the trigger. I’m in a state to where I think I can do it and still be happy with the comics I put out. For the last year or so I’ve been struggling with moving the plot along while trying to do so in a beat-beat-punch manner…. Instead I’m approaching Zombie Roomie more like a long form story that is still humorous but the main focus is the story arcs that move the comic forward. Something like Girls with Slingshots without the dildos and what have you.

I’ve also decided to remove comments from the site. I’m trying to clean up the site a bit, having gone back to my minimalist white look, and removing comments was something that I thought about for a while. I’d still love to hear from you via e-mail, on my Twitter, the Facebook page for Zombie Roomie, or the Zombie Roomie Google + page… whatever form of communication you’re more inclined to use.