I didn’t take nearly as many pictures as I should have and some of the pictures I did take don’t really work in this kind of write up…

I wanted to go to the Walking Dead panel,  but there were people in line like twelve hours before they opened the doors to the panel so I ended up skipping it and went to see the webcomics panel instead…  It was one of the Cyanide and Happiness guys’ birthdays.

On the panel was Joel Watson from Hijinks Ensue, The Cyanide and Happiness guys, and Sohmer and Lar from Least I Could Do.

I went to a handful of panels and hung out with some great folks like Randy Milholland from Something Positive. I got some great tips on printing posters from Randy… so that’s going to happen shortly.

I bought a couple of books from some creators and a McPedro plush from Danielle Corsetto.

Oh yeah…. and this happened:

Shia LaBeouf was selling his books at an artist’s ally table on Friday. There was a whole thing about him vaguely knowing who Ryan Sohmer and what “Least I Could Do” was… I gave him a Zombie Roomie post card and he jazzed about the art and excited to read ZR.

I told him I’d find a place to put him in as one of the celebrity cameos like I’ve done before and he thought it would be pretty freakin’ cool.