So in the end, I decided to move the story along instead of a goofy monster strip for today. Said goofy monster strip is on the books for Friday.

When I came up with the idea for this week’s strips, I had the silly plan for today’s third panel… I like doing the dropped out backgrounds dealy since I have the white space around my comic. So, having George peer around the curtain which in this case doubles as a defacto panel border… I just had to do it.

I was also pondering combining today’s and tomorrow’s strips into a double-sized… but while they tie directly to each other… they have separate beats so it’d be kinda weird. So I decided to just spread them out across the two days– which is much easier to justify with the five day a week schedule.

↓ Transcript
[[George is in the bathroom holding his shirt's collar up to his face.]]
George: Holy crap! I stink... Ex-undead, duel to the death with zombie Santa, spray paint, and vomit... Not exactly potpourri.

SFX: Click.
George: Ocupado.
SFX: Creaaak.

George: Hey, I said there's someone in-- AHHH!