Okay, so now we’re all caught up. Zoey and Lizzy are back from their trip to Fivebucks Coffee and George isn’t hiding in the bathroom anymore either.

We’ve got tomorrow’s strip to put a bow on this arc.

Then I’m doing a goofy monster strip for Friday.

Monday starts a new bit.

↓ Transcript
[[John and George are seated on the sofa.]]
John: What the hell, George? You're not a zombie anymore?
George: Glenda did some huge spell which de-zombified Santa and me.

John: So is the zombie-ness kind of fading away or something?
George: This? No, I painted myself blue...

[[Zoey and Lizzy are at the door behind John and George who are in silhouette.]]
George: I wasn't sure how Zoey would handle the news.