Yes, this is completely stupid.

I know.

Since Jack is a wolfman, I thought it was kind of clever for him to have an issue with Coors Light.

I’m also sure I’m not the first to have thought of it, I just thought it’d be a nice joke to end the week of heavy stuff with George and Zoey’s relationship. Plus, Andrew really pushed for me to do the joke.

↓ Transcript
[[Francis and Jack's apartment on their "sofa".]]
[[Francis hands Jack a beer.]]
Jack: Beer me. Thanks.

[[Jack clutches his chest and spits up beer.]]
Jack: Ack!

[[Francis holds up the beer and notices it's a Coors Light.]]
Francis: Dammit! Not again... Why do we keep buying this stuff?

[[Francis has attached jumper cables to his neck electrodes. An arc of electricity passes between the clamps.]]
Francis: Clear!