With this arc, I’m actually going to go into what exactly the Local Shamblers 1968 of the Zombie Union really is… since they’re not your typical kind of union.

I dig on the fact that I kind of have various parody brands in my comic that are fairly established, so when I want to have the guys eating fast food… all I have to do is open up my file with the logos in it and bam!

Plus, it gives me excuses to make up something like a peanut butter and banna milkshake.

↓ Transcript
[[George and John are seated on a bench under a tree. They are eating burgers and shakes from King Burger.]]
George: Sweet, I should have my monthly payout from the union in here. Junk mail, bill, bill... Ooh, here you go. John, you may have already won a million dollars from Ed McMahon!

George: Here it is... wait, what? My payments have been stopped due to the fact that I'm no longer a zombie? How did they find out?

George: Without those payments I'm effectively broke!
John: Sounds like you need this more than I do.