It’s been a while since we’ve last seen Sean, the building super…

As you may or may not recall, the 5th floor has four apartments on it, 5A-D. John and George live in A, B has been empty, Zoey and Lizzy live in C, and Buffy lives in D where Drew “haunts” her.

I’ve been wanting to introduce new zombie members to the cast, but I had previously set up the rule where the union keeps the zombie population in check to where they can only have one zombie per town in union controlled areas. So since John and George live in such an area and George belonged to the union… there couldn’t be a new zombie in the comic.

Until now.

↓ Transcript
[[Sean, John, and George are in the hallway outside of apartment 5b.]]
Sean: Heya fellas. Looks like you're finally getting a neighbor in 5b.
John: I guess with George no longer being a zombie, people aren't too scared to live next door to us anymore.

Sean: I don't think that really would have mattered to this guy.
John: H-uh... This is probably a little hypocritical coming from me but... is he a whack job or something?

Sean: Oh no. He's really a pretty swell guy. Even if he is a zombie.
John and George: Wait, What?