Back in the Talk arc before the recent time jump, Zoey and Lizzy were having a relevant discussion.

At the time everyone thought it was a random guy that Lizzy had a horrible date with… Now we learn that it was a date with John. George and Zoey tried their hand at matchmaking their respective roomies and it didn’t go well.

Buffy and John went out on one date before the strip would have started and it has already been established that it went poorly. Now we know what happened on that date as well.

↓ Transcript
[[Buffy and Lizzy are addressing the audience.]]
Narration: Mary asks, "Why is it that none of the girls like John?"
Lizzy: It's not like we hate him.

Buffy: We even went out on a date once. He was so nervous that he puked on me and hid in the bathroom.

Lizzy: Oh my God! It happened with you too?