I’ve been wanting to get to the part of this story where we actually know what these zombies’ motivations are for a while…

I have some stuff planned that I think will be super fun to do and it’ll be a big shake up for ZR that I hope makes up for the fact that George isn’t a zombie, which I know irks some people… but if I didn’t have him be human, none of these stories would be done and I’d be freaking out trying to figure out what random thing to put the guys through for the week.

Just so you know my thoughts on it… I love George being human. I was hesitant to pull that trigger, but I’m having a blast writing him.

↓ Transcript
[[John and George are in the bathroom. The lights are off.]]
John: A cult? How? Why? What?
George: It turns out that they weren't from the union after all. They're pretty awesome guys when you get to know them.

John: I bet the fact that they worship you doesn't color your opinion in the slightest...
George: What can I say? They have good taste. Although they did work on the Hunter show....

John: But why have they pledged themselves to your "cause"?
George: Oh, they think I'm some sort of "chosen one" that will end the zombie affliction.