We’re back!

I needed to take a little break from the daily comics grind to recharge my batteries and I’m glad I did.

We would have been back sooner, but over last weekend I had received a few emails and other pieces of correspondence from a couple of readers that got to me. The majority of the responses I got about going on a break were super cool and they were understanding… BUT I did have a few people complaining about my break.

That annoyed me.

I felt I had explained myself pretty well in the post I wrote… but the emails I got from a small minority telling me off for taking a break and commenting on how I should be spending my time off– did not make me want to draw a comic for them.

So I took another week off to continue to recharge my batteries and spend my time for me.

I have said it a couple of times to various people already, but it can be repeated: I have to want to do my comic. I don’t want to have to do it.