I’ve been planning this next bit of George and Zoey for a while and I’ve tried a few times over the last couple of weeks to do a strip that addressed it, but nothing felt “right”…

I decided to just kind of do it.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Zoey in the comic, and the last time we did it was a flashback to events before George was rezombified… The last we knew, George and Zoey were on the outs after their quickie marriage ceremony was cut short by zombie Elvis.

Zoey also received her new look since then. I’ve been wanting to give her a new look for a while. That’s why I kind played around with her pigtails and taking her hair down for when she was going to bed in that arc. I knew something could be done about her look that I just wasn’t sure of at the time. In the time since her last appearance, I’ve redesigned her look a bunch… She has the long, goth hair and her bangs are attached to the rest of the hair shape.

Zoey has grown up during the course of ZR. When we first met her she was only 18. She’s now almost 22… so she’s gone through a lot during the course of the comic and I wanted her to change her look accordingly. I still like her pigtails, but I really like her new look a lot right now.