Glenda has come a long way in the last few arcs, but she’s still herself.

I wanted to end this arc in a moment that pushes her closer to doing something nice for others, but you still see her motivations. I think this worked.

We have an epilogue for this and then I’ll start in on the next arc… I don’t think we need any one offs to use as a buffer in between this arc and the next.

On an announcement front, we’re moving to five days a week updates again. We haven’t had that since December of 2012 and we have the folks who pledge to support my Patreon to thank for it. People want more ZR and are willing to help pay for the time it takes me to produce them… so you’re getting more! I’m already doing an bonus strip a week for $10+ tier patrons (which include nudity and/or sexy times) and we’re nearing the next milestone for a Sunday strip as well… so quite possibly in the near future I might be doing seven strips a week~!

That’s a lot of comics…