I didn’t get nearly as much done last week as I wanted to… but I did manage to bank up on some mental health time playing WoW and watching television shows. This week we’ll be doing Monday, Wednesday, Friday updates while I continue to try and get back on track.

Next week I’ll be doing the regular five days a week again.

I did manage to play around with Lyn quite a bit over the last week. I toyed with going back to her pre growth cut which has been successful… but the various cuts I’ve given a few of the other girls have been very close to it lately. So I ended up doing this angular cut. It keeps a lot of her style in the bangs and the way it frames her face does fulfill the role of her “sideburns” sections of hair that fell along her jawline.

I dig that they’re not at the strip club as it makes Buffy feel more like a normal person again…. even though she’s rockin’ the pink hair.