Lizzy and Glenda had their hair done for the wedding which included getting some length chopped off and a little styling. You might notice Lizzy still has the black eye from the bachelor party ’cause continuity~!

The way I came up with this was Jack was so relieved to see Jules had made it that he said eff it and just kissed him before they’ve done the ceremony. They’re still doing the ceremony, which will happen next week, but I wanted to have something happy before we get into the meat of this arc.

Glenda hasn’t been to any weddings before, because she grew up in a magic household where muggle ceremonies weren’t observed. After she got out of her schooling and moved out to be on her own she wasn’t considered too many people’s favorite person so she wasn’t invited to share in their big days.

I like the idea that in addition to the changes in Glenda’s spells, personality, and outlook that being loved has caused it also is opening up the world to her for the first time. She’s come a long way as a character in a short period of time and I’m proud to be writing her since I think it’s pretty strong stuff.

In my opinion at least…