I’m pretty much getting the hang of the Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 16″ I have… this entire comic, until the lettering/balloons/saving was done on it. I haven’t installed the fonts and balloon tools on the new tablet yet, so it was just easier to do them on the desktop.

I also really like drawing Richard right now. The characters with obvious physical flaws, i.e.: his extra chin and jowls, are just that much more interesting.

In a boring update that very few people that read this will care about, I finally decided to upgrade my Photoshop CS6 to get the Creative Cloud subscription. I need to start lettering in Illustrator but I didn’t own a copy of it like I did with Photoshop and InDesign… so I figured it was time to upgrade. Eventually I’ll likely add it to my comic production pipeline for ZR but right now I’ll just be figuring things out and I know any future comics I do will use it.