Locked up: A captive audience - part 3
Posted July 14, 2011 at 8:01 pm
Drew, inside of a bum, and John finally have their heart-to-heart about the situation. As folks say, things tend to work out better if you just talk it out instead of letting it build up. The way I look at how John saw his relationship with Valerie was that they were both lonely and it was nice not being lonely. Valerie who initially was taking it slowly, apparently actually fell hard for him when he was just having fun with the kooky girl next door. I just want to put this out there since I've been asked about it... Drew, being a ghost who glows and what not, would tend to freak out the general public. So since he's able to possess people and wear them around like a skin suit, he does that to move around mostly unnoticed in polite society. When John was at the bar, Drew went to go talk it out... but to do so he got dressed up in the body of a bum to enter the building. At least it wasn't one of those Starbucks where bums would flock to just to use the can... 'cause there a ghost might blend in more.
Tags: John, Drew, Sam