A captive audience - part 4
Posted July 17, 2011 at 8:01 pm
So it would seem that George and Zoey were also tossed in the hoosegow along with John and Drew. Folks with their memories intact will remember this police officer from the start of the Zombie-man strips. I wanted to use him again since I liked his design, he's just so much the stereotypical/cliche cop look. I didn't think I needed to come up with a brand new cop design when I had a perfectly good one in use already. I'm slowly drawing this situation to a close, but I don't care to rush it... So  even though I had originally planned this arc to have been over and done with, I'm having fun getting in these last few strips. I've got one more strip in the lock up and then I'll do some one-offs as I figure out what plot line to tug at for our next romp in the world of Zombie Roomie. I'll also be glad to be done drawing the bum. He's served his purpose and I'm not planning on having him show up again... at least for a long, long while if not ever. For some reason he really started to grate on me while sketching him.
Tags: George, John, Drew, Sam