A Ghost Story - part 3
Posted October 13, 2015 at 8:01 pm
So the idea for this strip was a call back to when George wanted Drew, then as a ghost, out of the apartment before. I even had George's first line be a direct quote. While I was preparing this strip I decided to go back and look at the old strip and I found it hilarious that it went up on October 15, 2010. That's almost an exact anniversary for the callback. I really had to think twice on whether or not I wanted to come up with another strip, maybe something that showed George's frustration with Drew and then post this strip on the actual day  just years apart... but I decided that since it wasn't planned to happen on that date and that it was just a happy accident to go ahead and post it on the 14th. I'm really happy with George's character art in this strip by the way. There's some really fun lines I was able to get in his face that tickle me.