A terrible thing - epilogue
Posted August 17, 2014 at 8:01 pm
One more strip for this current arc on Wednesday and Friday should be a one off. Messing around with Lyn's wet hair made me do some changes that I liked, but Zoey's wet hair is still giving me fits. I think it's that I just changed up some elements of her design and going to something different so soon I didn't have her look nailed down yet. So that makes panel two a little weaker than I'd like-- it gets the job done, but it'll be a panel I hate before the others as I look back on the archive in a few weeks. I'm going to really enjoy getting the characters back in their normal setting in the coming weeks... and having them change up their costumes for the coming Fall season. I like changing up their clothes and hairstyles. It's one of the things I'm frequently complemented on when I show work in progress designs-- people like that the ZR characters change over time like "real people". Hell, we're coming up on five years of Zombie Roomie... that's longer than some people have been alive. I'm looking at you babies. Being all young and what not. Then again, if you're a baby and you're reading this I applaud your taste in comics and your reading ability... but your parents should really monitor your internet usage better.