A terrible thing - part 15
Posted July 10, 2014 at 8:01 pm
I wanted to flash us back to Zoey's grandma's timeline after the revelation Wednesday... so that meant I had to come up with new designs for young Granny and the never before seen Grandfather, well and Zoey's father as a rugrat. Zoey's Granny was fairly easy after I decided she was just going to be Zoey with her own hairdo and a change of wardrobe to fit the period. I was pleased with the result. The Grandfather, who isn't nearly as important-- really he's only in this strip and this coming Monday's, was going to just be a version of Zoey's father without the mustache and slightly different hair. Coming up with a young version of Zoey's dad on the other hand... that was tough. I wanted to still have some of his jawline. He couldn't have his mustache due to age... In the end I decided to give him a faded flat top hairdo like his future son has. Young Zoey's dad is also only appearing in this strip and Monday's so I wasn't freaking out over getting him "perfect", but I wanted to try to get him "right" at least.