A terrible thing - part 16
Posted July 20, 2014 at 8:01 pm
And we're back. I'm sorry this is a week later than anticipated, but I felt it was in bad taste to work on an arc dealing with a death in the family when I had a death in my family. If you didn't catch the reason for the week or character art, which has been removed from the archive-- it'll appear in other places on the site "soon"... that's why. Over the weekend I launched a Patreon campaign. I'm hoping you will consider supporting Zombie Roomie and me through it. I'm planning neat things to add as rewards if you do... Plus if there's enough interest and support, we'll get more Zombie Roomie per week! Perhaps to even ridiculous amounts of ZR if you're so inclined!!! There will be buttons added to the site and other things to remind you about it if you're on the fence now or strapped for cash at the moment. Don't fret, Patreon isn't like Kickstarter... it's not over in a month; you've got time to lend a hand.