A terrible thing - part 17
Posted July 22, 2014 at 8:01 pm
This comic was tough to get to... I knew I wanted Zoey's dad to shoot his zombified dad in this manner but coming up with something clever for Zoey and Granny to talk about to lead into this was giving me fits. So in the end I just jumped right into it and we're assuming they kept talking after Monday's strip... The line of conversation was still why Zoey's dad isn't a fan of zombies. I really like how Zoey's Granny came out in panel one. Her overacting makes me laugh-- and I'm the one who drew it. We've got one more strip dealing with this incident on Friday then I think we'll have an interlude dealing with M'nthulhu and some other characters before we get back to the Zoey family stuff the following week. Cool? Cool.