A terrible thing - part 3
Posted May 6, 2014 at 8:01 pm
This one was tough... I knew what Zoey's conversation would be about, going to college, but I couldn't wrap my head around what the strip should be about. At first she was going to be talking with Lizzy, but then I thought Lizzy wouldn't be the best person to confide in at the moment. So I thought maybe Lyn... but I figured Lyn wouldn't have many insights for her. Next came John, but that wouldn't work at this point in the plot... So I decided she should have a heart to heart with George. It was almost too obvious that he should be the person she discusses her future with. Next came what would be the clever bit about the strip... that was hard to come up with. Would it be about the fact that she's 23 and average freshmen are the age she was when we met her? Nah, that wouldn't work for the introduction of the idea-- plus if George was the one to bring it up she's slap him. I had to think for a long while on what it would be and I went back to who Zoey is and what kind of people her parents are... they're kind of nut jobs. The kind of nut jobs that wouldn't want their daughter learning things from no darned public schools. That was the hook. She was home schooled. The punch wrote itself after that.