Posted October 2, 2016 at 8:01 pm
I'm finally about to 95% healthy after two weeks with this bug. Still some snot in my sinuses/nose/throat but I'm feeling better. We're also on a brand new computer bought to make ZR strips and whatnot. I had to have more business expenses for tax purposes so I figured I was due for an upgrade. The problem was I couldn't find the time to put it together (I bought the parts with the intention of building it myself rather than buying something already put together)... And then last Sunday night was I was working on what would become this strip, Windows update restarted my old computer-- causing me to lose everything due to not saving as I was working. I always try to save every few minutes at least, but when I fail to something always ends up biting me in the ass. So with the illness, the lack of time to devote to building the computer, and the frustration of losing work I decided to take the week off to get better and have the time I needed to put the computer together. It took me a couple days to put the computer together, I only have built one computer from scratch prior to this one so I didn't rush it... but it booted perfectly and I've had zero problems with it. And it's so fast guys... so fast. While I was working on setting things up I also found an option in Windows to have it not restart during "active hours" so that should also solve another problem.