All I want for Christmas - part 3
Posted December 22, 2015 at 7:01 pm
I've rarely done thought bubbles... it's just not a convention I really dig for the world of Zombie Roomie. So when Zoey is thinking to herself in today's strip I figured I'd go with narration boxes. It also let me color them Zoey style. I also rarely do full body shots within the comic, but since Mini is so short in comparison to George I had to pull the focus back enough to where you'd be able to see him or I'd have to have George giving him a piggy back ride or something if I was going to frame the composition like I normally do where we just see the characters from their waists up. 'Cause if I were to do that we'd only see like the top of Mini's head. And here's MooCow... MooCow Sometimes you just gotta stretch out.