Alpha - After credits scene
Posted February 19, 2013 at 7:01 pm
So that's a wrap for the story of how John and Lyn got together. I wasn't 100% on all of the details when I originally introduced her last year, but as I started to write her, stuff came to mind and the majority of this arc would be jotted down in a notepad file. Stuff like the conflict with George got added on after other arcs were written. This is also the reason John buzzed off his hair... the fleas were hard to get rid of and it was easier to manage. Unless you're not very observant or have some manner of color blindness, you'll notice today's strip is in black and white. I wanted to easily distinguish this took place back in time since we cut back to the present for Friday and Monday's strips. I had originally planned for the entire flashback to be in black and white but wasn't sure while I was producing the strips.... in the end, I went back and edited all the strips with flashbacks to be black and white to match this strip.