Alpha - part 7
Posted January 29, 2013 at 7:01 pm
When I started Zombie Roomie I had a different mindset about the characters... I didn't think it was important for them to have last names. I wasn't concerned on how they lived outside of what was shown in the strip. After doing the comic for a while things started to change in how I perceived the world that I had created and I wanted to fix some things. Adding surnames was pretty easy... I've sprinkled them into the strip every once and a while. But having the jobs I wanted various people to have proved harder. In fact, some previous strips were detrimental to the jobs. So I put off letting people know John worked at the morgue and I would just mention that he and George would sneak in after hours.... But I've also gone back on that and I have stories in my plan that require that being established. I'll likely go back and reword some of the morgue based strips to make it clearer... especially for the eventual books.