Ask the Cast - George
Posted January 22, 2015 at 7:01 pm
When a zombie thinks something isn't safe... that's a real indictment. Later this year I'm doing a Mini at school arc, this just sort of announces it. Last night on Twitter and the Facebook page, I made it known that I'm not doing new strips next week. I've been sick this whole last week and I need to do more work on the first Zombie Roomie printed book. Time is running out before ECCC where I need to have it ready for... so in an effort to give me more time to work on fixing old strips, laying out the book, and doing new strips for a bonus arc... I just have to put the new strips on hold for the week. I'll do a blog post or two about the changes/updates and tease a few things. I'll be more spammy on the Facebook page though so those of you super interested should make sure you like the page to keep current on what's going on in ZR land. Thanks for understanding.